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May 27, 2010

I see that roughly 40 of you check every single day (that I post something new). I see everything.

Did I mention this site once had well over 112 views in a single day (113)?

Let’s face it – there are exactly three things that are true about Dave:

1. He knows a lot of people.

2. He’s really easy to upset. Because he’s unstable.

3. He was born under a mango tree (or wherever they keep Dominican “hospitals”).

Number three is a topic for another post. But given items one and two, it’s more than likely that each and every one of us owes Dave a blogpology. That means the editors here at want to see some reader-generated content.

Ideally, said proposed content will involve stories, pictures and videos of us doing really nice and awesome things for Dave. Apologies, blogpologies, massages, buying him presents, whatever. This is all very important for the continual maturation of that I am so committed to on a secondly basis.

But sometimes you just have to get the ball rolling with whatever content I can get my oily, Sicilian hands on (seriously, it’s a problem – I can’t grip a tennis racket).

So, without further delay, I present you:

Seriously, Dave? You thought Kate would die, in the Lost series finale, in the first hour? [Spoiler alert: Kate doesn’t die in the first hour of the Lost series finale]

If you have any other videos of you or others doing really nice and awesome things for Dave, or hurting him, please email them to me. If you don’t know my email address, then don’t send anything to me, because I don’t know you (and you probably don’t know Dave anyway).  Also, leave comments on the site. I’m serious. I’m stretching a pretty thin premise all by myself here and it’s not easy.

[Credit for this video goes to Shitty Cheeseburger Paul and Garrett “To Catch a Predator” Doherty. Thanks, assholes.]


March 22, 2010

Bridging the racial divide.

Dave –