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Dave means never having to say you’re sorry.

March 24, 2010

It means you get to say you’re sorry. Being Sorry, Dave is a privilege and, truly, a joy.

How could something so gut-wrenchingly painful and embarrassing as a public blogpology be a joy, one might ask?

The Ancient Greeks had their own word for what I’m feeling: katharos, or, “catharsis.” The basic meaning is to purge, purify or clean. However, the concept is left wide open for interpretation, especially as it pertains to a variety of possible scenarios. Wikipedia lists the following as potential and historical “theaters” for catharsis: the Dramaturgical, Therapeutic, Paganism mystery cults and Neoplatonism, to name a few. But this isn’t about a play, or psychotherapy, or religion/philosophy. This is about me and Dave (Sorry, Dave), which leaves us with the most basic use for catharsis listed in the wikipedia entry:

Cathartic Sacrifice, broken down thusly:

… consequently we find two types of cathartic sacrifice: one to cleanse of impurity and make fit for common use, another to rid of sanctity and in like manner render suitable for human use or intercourse.

The Ancient Greeks also invented lamb gyros.

Once you consider that Dave is already relatively pure (I am impure, which is why I’m Sorry, Dave), it becomes clear that this is the latter form of catharsis. Through my blogpology, I am ridding Dave of his sanctity and thus rendering him suitable for intercourse, so to speak. This is how I derive my own personal happiness. This is why being Sorry, Dave is an exercise in self-growth, rather than something to be treated as a burden. Yes, it’s my cross to bear. But lots of people pay a lot of money to wear crosses as jewelry. And if people pay money for something, it’s good.

Best wishes and Sorry, Daves,